LaGuardia International Airport Redevelopment Program

Avlite Systems low intensity obstruction lights have been installed at one of the busiest international airports in the USA - New York’s LaGuardia.


LaGuardia International Airport in New York, USA, is currently undergoing the LGA Redevelopment Program to provide world-class airport facilities for passengers and airlines. The LGA Redevelopment Program

The LGA Redevelopment Program is divided into two major subprojects, the Central Terminal Building (CTB) Redevelopment Project and the East End Substation & East Garage project.

The redevelopment and modernisation is being carried out to facilitate the forecasted passenger growth at the Central Terminal Building (terminal B). The airport is expected to handle 34 million annual passengers by 2030, of which 17.5 million will use the CTB.

The CTB redevelopment project will include the demolition of the existing CTB and associated infrastructure such as CTB Parking Garage (Parking lot 2), four concourses A, B, C and D, Hangars 1, 2 and 4, and frontage roads. A new terminal building will be built in place of the demolished CTB.

The scope of the project was to mark the perimeter fence and the demolition sites using a combination of single and dual head L-810 Solar Obstruction lights by Avlite Systems. During the demolition of Hangars 2 & 4 the construction zone was secured by a chain link fence to prevent aircraft and vehicular traffic from entering. Since the fence was in close proximity to flight operations of Runways 13/31 and 4/22 the FAA required the installation of FAA certified obstruction lights.

la guardia flughafen single led

The Solution

Avlite’s single LED, L-810 low intensity obstruction lights have been installed at one of the busiest international airports in the USA - New York’s LaGuardia.

Intended to mark the perimeter fence erected around the construction zone near the existing CTB and hangars 2 &4 to alert aircraft to possible obstacles during demolition and construction , the electrical contractor, Welsbach Electric Corporation of College Point, NY needed a solution that met the FAA requirement and was easy to install and did not require grid electrical power. Avlite Systems proposed their FAA certified AV-OL-FL810-RIR-12. Five of them were configured as single head units powered by a 12 volt, 36 Amp-Hour battery and charged with a 20 watt solar panel. Twenty-one fixtures were configured as dual head units powered by 12 volt, 108 Amp-Hour battery with a 50 watt solar panel for charging. The Avlite Solar Powered L-810 allowed for a quick, less expensive installation in addition to an increased element of safety in not having to run AC electrical circuits around the perimeter fence.

The Avlite AV-OL-FL810-RIR-12 has the FAA required ¾” female NPT at the base of the unit which allows for quick mounting to the solar power supply. The whole assembly mounted to the perimeter fence post (see photos). The light fixtures also have a built in light sensor providing for reliable, worry free dusk to dawn operation. In addition the lights have the combined Red and IR (Infrared) which allows for pilots operating with NVG (Night Vision Goggles) to see the lights.

la guardia Flughafen von oben